Use CRM Software to Boost Productivity for Sales & Service Teams

Today more than ever it is vital that a sales-driven business utilises all of the tools available to them in order get the best results. If you are a business owner with a sales team and you don’t currently have a CRM system in place to aid them, then you’re missing out on some huge potential.

In this article we’re going to explore a number of key features & benefits that come with using CRM software, to ultimately boost productivity for sales & service teams. Read on if you’re interested in transforming your business with a very simple solution.

Before we get into the features, let’s give you some figures. A recent study by Innoppl Technologies found that 65% of the sales reps who have used Mobile CRM subsequently achieved their sales quotes; whereas a staggering 78% of those who didn’t use CRM did not achieve their targets. This stands testament to the fact that CRM software for boosting productivity & sales is significantly underestimated by businesses.

1 – Safe storage space

A quality CRM tool will enable salespeople to safely store their contracts, sales opportunity, activities, and scheduled meetings in one central location. That coupled with uninterrupted access to the database from multiple locations offers the ultimate in safety & convenience.

2 – Time-management and planning

Salespeople who use CRM systems are able to optimise their daily schedules effectively, prioritise their tasks, and ensure that their customers & key prospects do not go uncontacted. With effective time management, you will notice a huge boost in not only sales, but customer (and employee) satisfaction.

3 – Activity reports for tracking

A transparent an automated activity tracking tool will enable your sales managers to track their team’s progress and aid them where possible. This is an essentiality for taking your sales force to the next level of professionalism and performance.

4 – Data-driven targeted sales

A quality CRM system will enable your salespeople to segment data and easily identify valuable opportunities through criteria-based search and selections. No more time being wasted trying to drum up loose prospects, and more time spent contacting the hot prospects.

5 – Enhanced communication

CRM systems can offer shared calendar features enabling everyone who uses the CRM system to remain in the loop with various important events and meetings. By boosting the communication and inclusivity of your team, you’ll be shaping a well-oiled machine that is destined for success.

6 – On time every time for new sales

It’s no secret that salespeople who contact their prospects on the date and time originally agreed to, they will be much more likely to close the deal. This is why it’s important to be tracking all communication with customers through the CRM system, in order to ensure that all salespeople are attending their meetings on time, every time.

7 – Streamline sales cycle

A CRM system can enable you to streamline your entire sales cycle. This including reducing production costs, saving time with preparing quotes (which will now be automated through the CRM), and ultimately helping your sales team to reach their targets faster and more effectively.

8 – Know your customer

Data is king in sales and this is becoming more apparent as leading businesses are collecting & analysing data when making customer driven decisions. You’ll be able to better anticipate their problems and ultimately boost satisfaction and loyalty (not to mention the higher profit margins).

 9 – Significantly reduce admin tasks

Admin tasks can be a serious drain on precious time for salespeople, when they could be on the phones or out in the field closing deals. With a quality CRM system in place, you can significantly reduce the amount of admin tasks involved and streamline your operation.

10 – Save Money

One of the biggest concerns for businesses looking at having a CRM system installed, is the cost involved. They’d rather save their money and carry on without the CRM system, as opposed to invest in their business and take advantage of the great money saving potential that comes with it.

No, they are not cheap. But when you’re getting so many irrefutable benefits that will ultimately boost sales performances, streamline your operation, and reduce costs, it really is a no brainer.

If you’re interested in exploring the CRM potential for your business, then please do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience. We will gladly answer any questions that you might have and get you on the right track.